Gentlemen and Brothers,

I understand a vast majority of the group is not comfortable continuing to meet in-person at my office, due to everything that’s going on with the corona virus (COVID-19).  I’ve consulted with a couple colleagues, my professional organization, and have spent the past 24hrs looking for a solution, including testing a couple approved “telehealth” platforms. 


I’ve signed up with “doxy.me” and will begin using this platform starting with tomorrow’s group.  I expect there to be a few technical bugs to work out, as well as potential bandwidth issues due to the increase in telecommuting and home internet use during quarantine.  If it’s a disaster tomorrow, I’ll try a different platform next week.


IMPORTANT:  Each participant MUST take steps to ensure the groups confidentiality.  Please respect one another by not joining the video group if you are within earshot of your wife, kids, etc.   You may want to use earbuds if your wife is in the next room, or your car may also serve as a “cone of silence,” provided you get a good signal.


You can join us tomorrow through your phone or tablet (Apple or Android), laptop, or desktop with a webcam.  Doxy recommends using either Chrome or Firefox web browsers, and you’ll want to make sure they have permissions set to access your front-facing camera and mic.  Anything you can do to minimize bandwidth and CPU load will improve your experience (kill background programs and apps, don’t use other devices on your network at the same time, don’t connect through a VPN, etc.)

When you’re ready:

  1. Go to this URL: https://doxy.me/bobparkins

  2. Enter your first name

  3. Wait in the “virtual waiting room” until I’m able to add you into the group chat – this may take a moment.

  4. Imagine we’re all in one room

If you experience technical difficulties at any time, please log out and in again. 


I don’t have any other appointments scheduled for tomorrow, so I should be available if anyone wants to test their connections with me before group starts (I strongly recommend this).

I hope to “see” you all tomorrow!


PS: On a side note, if anyone has ideas how I can make future group announcements, I’m open to ideas.