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"Shrink on the Couch" - Listen to my interview

Shrink on the Couch

I'm very selective with the occasional interview and speaking requests I receive, only accepting projects I'm excited about and can get behind. When my colleague and fellow psychotherapist, David Wever, LMFT approached me to be the featured guest for an episode of his new show "Shrink on the Couch," I was immediately onboard.

"Shrink on the Couch" is a fresh new show where therapists discuss their own vulnerabilities, which in therapy patients/clients usually only get glimpses of. I was touched, affirmed, and encouraged by several guests from David's other episodes, as they shared from their hearts their vulnerabilities as well. I recommend giving them all a listen.

Listen to my interview HERE. Other "Shrink on the Couch" episodes can be found HERE.

By: Bob Parkins, LMFT

Bob Parkins, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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